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Welcome to my Blog! This is the official space designated to my “tellin’ it like it IS” on a host of topics that are dear to my heart and are the soul of my journey.  These topics are primarily dedicated to the journey of my daily meditation practice; my experiences as an Intuitive Life Coach and the collections I create as a Creative Artist. I also discuss what being @Peace is all about! As I grow in this new expression of myself, so will my page; you’ll find articles, pictures, videos, journals and clips along the way.  

​ I’ve been an avid student of meditation since 1994 and have taught the technique professionally, from infants to adults, from non-profit organizations, to public schools, to an Ivy League university, and more, across the U.S. since 1999.  Don't just take my word for it, here's also where I feature articles from friends, family and fans who want to share their experience with having an @Peace Makita in their lives:-)! Looks like an exciting new adventure is just ahead! Ready!...Set!...CREATE!!